Reel Business, LLC Charterboat
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What to know before you go (Helpful information):

Safety is our number one priority.
- Absolutely no drugs are allowed on the boat unless over the counter or prescribed by your doctor.  Alcoholic beverages (beer and wine only - no hard liquor) are allowed, but drunkenness is not.
- While we try to make it as safe as possible, fishing is inherently strenuous and can be very dangerous.
- All children 12 and under must wear a life preserver while on board, and is recommended for those who can't swim.
- Life preservers are located above the center console bench seat and in the forward hatches.
- No sitting or standing on the sides, bow or transom of the boat is permitted while underway, or when shark fishing
- Seasickness can usually be prevented with over the counter or prescription medications/patches from your doctor.
- There is a small porta-pottie aboard the YA-HOO! but it is recommended that you try to take care of business in the Marina before you leave.
- YA-HOO! is a very fast boat pushing 44 knots/50MPH and even when the seas aren't rough there can be significant pounding and swaying so please hold on tight and avoid unintentional contact with the aluminum rails and other hard and sharp surfaces. 
- It can get chilly and wet out there some times. We recommend you bring at least a windbreaker or rain jacket, sun tan lotion, non-marking boat shoes or sneakers, a hat with a lanyard, polarized sun glasses with a lanyard to protect your eyes from the strong sun. If you bring a bag or other loose clothing please store it below where it won't blow away.  I have lost a few nice items of clothing myself!
- No discharge of oil or other debris is allowed at sea, and there are significant fines. Please ask for a suitable container if one is not readily available.
- We reserve the right to cancel a trip if the weather is too snotty, or the bite is dead.  We do our best to put you on the fish but as the saying goes, "Some times the fish feed you, sometimes you feed the fish!"
- Bring a camera in a water tight/safe bag!

Fishing Gear:
We can supply all the gear that would normally be needed depending upon the fishing trip provided including. Please let us know well in advance what your intentions are as we don't store all the gear on the boats.

If you have your own equipment please let us know so we can accommodate/allow room for them on the boats.

Food/Drink: We always bring a small cooler for food, so please leave yours in you car. We recommend that each person bring some chips/crackers/nuts, water and/or sandwiches.  We can help provide you with this if we are given enough notice.

If you have any other special requests, requirements or medical issues that we should know about please notify us well in advance of the departure date.