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Here we go again! We're all geared up and ready to go!

Looking forward to a great new season.  So far the regulators are still allowing us to fish!  Who knows for how much longer that will last so book your trip now!  It will be wicked fun!  Giant Blue Fin Tuna Cod Haddock Striper Bluefish Flounder and more

YA-HOO! - I smell fish!

Mackerel are thick and the stripers are all over. 

Regulations as of this date 5/4/2012:

We were very lucky with the new Blue Fin Tuna regs that allow the slot fish this year, thanks to hard work from The Stellwagen Bank Charter Boat Association officers and members.

Also because of their hard work - the new Cod regs allow for 9 fish over 19" inside the GOM RMA(Gulf of Maine - Regulated Mesh Area).

New Haddock regs allow for UNLIMITED numbers over 18".

Bluefish now have a 15 fish limit, and although I'm not happy about it (they've never been regulated and I've never seen a problem) reeling in up to 15 bluefish would be more than enough backbreaking exorcise for just about anyone.

Wolffish are still protected/not allowed for some reason than no one can seem to explain properly!

Cod and Haddock will be coming over the rails soon so give me a call or shot me an email to request your dates soon.  With the broadcast of Nat Geo's "Wicked Tuna" show and the new regs allowing for retention of slot sized BFT this year you can bet it will be a busy season on our charterboats.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Doug Brander

Late June Early July Update

I just received my IGFA Captain's notification, so I am up to date on the requirements for properly submitting for a world record.  They also have a great smart phone app that gives you the current world records for all species of fish, among many other things.

The Stripers are in strong.  Mackerel are still here also, we've been jigging them up
along the South Shore.  Stripers love them - so do the Tuna which we have been chasing around.

Seems to average out to about 4 fish a day caught around here according to my buyer which, although that may sound slow, that includes all days, and the weather has not been very cooperative lately.  But the forecast is for a great week coming up and we will be out there.

Bill and I have decided to revisit our policy on sharing the proceeds of a saleable fish with the customer and we have come up with the following:

If a saleable fish is caught to be brought to market, the charter party will have a choice or either:

Get the charter for free,
30% of the sale of the fish.

This decision needs to be made before we reach a dock to offload, or you will get the charter for free.  We don't know what it will bring until the buyers get a hold of it for their sampling.

It's a gamble, but so is fishing!

Almost ready to launch -maybe this weekend!

I hope you like our new website!  If anyone has pictures from one of our charters please email them to me and I'll post them.

With our new LOA's (Letter Of Authorizations) we are allowed to fish in the areas closed to fishing all season! --> The Western Gulf of Maine(GOM) closure area, and the Rolling Closure area. This means we can go where the trawlers can't!


New transducer and Furuno color fish finder, it works great on to the COD, Haddock, Stripers and Tuna!

The REEL BUSINESS T-Shirts are ready.

Hope to see you on the water,