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It took us about 5 minutes to get this slob on his lap, crushing the chair in the process!
We provide Charterboat services for Boston Harbor and South Shore Massachusetts Bay Deep-Sea Fishing, Whale Watching, Scenic Boston Harbor and Massachusetts coastal Light House sight seeing tours, Weddings, Diving, Birdwatching, Funerals, Burial At Sea

We are located on a nice new slip at Sunset Marina at 2 "A" Street in Hull, MA.  The Sea Dog Brew Pub Restaurant located overlooking the boats and harbor islands has fresh brewed beer and great food and entertainment.

Some typical species that can be encountered that are native to this area:

Whales - Humpback whales, Minke whales, Fin whales and, one of the most critically endangered whale species, North Atlantic Right whales, Sperm whale, Beluga, Orca, Pilot whale, Blue whale, and Sei whale
Giant Blue Fin Tuna - often exceeding 1000LB
Shark - Mako, Great White, Porbeagle, Giant Basking, Blue, Threasher
Striped Bass
Flounder - Summer and Winter
Turtles - Leatherback, Loggerhead
Ocean Sunfish
Dolphin - white beaked dolphin, Atlantic white-sided dolphin, Common dolphin, Bottlenose dolphin, Risso's dolphin, Harbor porpoise,
Seals - Harp, Gray, Harbor, Hooded, and Ringed
Birds - gannets shearwaters storm petrels, fulmars, puffins and razorbills

Stellwagen Bank is about 20 miles out of Boston.  We may go even farther to pursue whales, tuna, shark, cod and haddock:
This is our backyard