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Charter Pricing

ReelBusiness.NET Charter Rates

We accept (taken via email, over the phone or on the boat): VISA M/C AMEX DISCOVER

$150 fee for our boat to pick up and drop off customers at a waterfront location in Boston - waived for 3/4 and full day charters! Please inform your concierge if at a hotel with a dock.

15-20% tip for the mate is customary - mates help rig, bait, set and clear lines and anchor, and clean fish and boat.

Dates are often booked in advance so it is advisable to confirm your trip with a $200 half day or $500 full day reservation fee which will apply towards your charter, by email or phone (502-438-8862), refundable if cancelled 48 hours prior to the date of your charter or if the Captain cancels the trip due to weather or other reasons. 

****You need to specify to us the species to be targeted before the trip so we can be prepared with the correct bait and gear!****

HALF DAY (up to 4 hours & up to 6 paid passengers):

HARBOR FLOUNDER $400 (2 boxes of sea worms and a bag of chum) (extra hours at $100)

STRIPED BASS; BOSTON HARBOR TOUR; LIGHT HOUSE TOUR; WEDDING; FUNERAL; HARBOR CRUISING $600 (box of sea worms and flat of bait) (extra hours at $150)

3/4 DAY (up to 6 hours & up to 6 paid passengers):

HARBOR FLOUNDER $600 (2 boxes of sea worms and a bag of chum)


FULL DAY DEEP SEA (up to 8 hours & up to 4 paid passengers):

STELLWAGEN BANK (COD/HADDOCK/WHALES) $1000 (2 boxes sea worms and 2 tubs clams) (extra hours $250)

STELLWAGEN BANK BLUE FIN TUNA $1200 (3 flats of bait) (extra hours $250)

DEEP SEA SHARK $2500 (3 flats of bait and 3 buckets of chum) (extra hours $250)


We provide the fishing gear but you are welcome to bring your own boat rods.

Food and beverages: We normally provide water only. 

Food and drink can be provided for a nominal fee. - Please inform us 24 hours in advance of departure of any dietary restrictions or medical problems we should know about.

Storage space is limited on the boats so please pack light.

Trips are safety and weather dependent and we reserve the right to cancel a trip at anytime.  Please contact us for special pricing for the following or other kinds of trips/special requests:Boston

Harbor Islands National Park: There are many park islands we can help make arrangements to take you to, drop you off and pick you up to visit, hike and camp on.  Please email with your request. $125/hr with group rates available (6 passengers max per at a time boat)

Weddings:  A licensed Captain is entitled to a "special dispensation" available from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which allows us to perform a wedding ceremony at sea.  Please email with your request. $125/hr with group rates available (6 passengers max per boat)Funerals: Funerals with cremated remains only, offshore, with a service by the Captain or you can provide another officiator/clergy of your choice. We can help you make arrangements to provide flowers, wreaths and/or balloons for the cost of them plus a nominal fee (6 passengers max per boat).  A record of the time, date and location of where the ashes were dispersed can be provided at the time of the dispersion if requested. 4 hours or less with up to six passengers per boat at $600 per boat.  Unattended ash scattering at sea with photographs with no paid passengers $250.

Diving: This Atlantic area offers some of the most interesting aquatic life.  Please contact for pricing.  

Please note:- Prices changed here are subject to change based upon the cost of fuel but I will honor these rates when you book them.

Sale of Catch:

Our permits allow us to take our charter parties into areas closed to commercial fishing and as a price for that advantage we are not allowed to sell any fish we catch EXCEPT Giant Blue Fin TunaMany passengers are surprised to find out that by law managed by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Highly Migratory Species (HMS) unit located in Gloucester Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) in Boston, Blue Fin Tuna caught on board any commercial boat fishing in the general commercial category (over 73") may only be retained by that commercial vessel/Captain for profit.   The laws and penalties are very strict on retention and sale of Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna and this is an important part of how we make money as commercial fisherman.  If we land a saleable Blue Fin Tuna (currently over 73" CFL) we can share the proceeds of that fish with the customer.  If we catch a Giant Blue Fin Tuna you will have to make the choice before we land, of getting your trip free, or a 30% cut of the profit after it's sold at auction (days later). We are commercial fishing vessels NOAA/NMFS/HMS permitted and licensed commercial tuna fisherman and as such we obey all regulations.

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